Paw paw bloom time?

April and into May. Depending on the tree you could see blooms before leaves.

Average harvest time is about right now. The ripening time varies with individual trees - some already ripe and others a while away.
Reason I ask is that I have good high ground that I have been planting fruits, but also have areas that are 20-40 feet lower (still 50-80 above bottom ground) that I will plant some persimmons......if they were late blooming too, then they may go there too.
Persimmons will bloom 2-3 weeks after paw-paw from what i can recall.
Paw-paw is an interesting tree, but i have no evidence of them being a big whitetail food. Seems coons and opossums will climb and take out the fruit in short order.

Maybe someone has noticed whitetails feeding on them heavily?