Packer MAXX Crimper Combo for sale


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Both my packer crumpet and the original ATV/UTV or compact tractor crimper are up for sale. The world of food plots is currently obsessed with no-till planting.

In order to crimp food plots on smaller acres, Packer Maxx has designed an inventive crimper design that is both affordable and very efficient.

Céréal grains should be crimped while still in the dough stage of growth for optimal results. Timing is crucial.

By using a thatch to cover the dispersed seeds, crimping will end the planting process naturally without using pesticides.

Planting without tilling has a lot of advantages.

Please contact me at
if you're interested in this position.
Costs of shipping are included in the $750 asking price.

The packaging is tidy and the condition is decent.
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