Packer MAXX Crimper Combo for sale


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I’m selling my packer crumpet and the first crimper designed for ATV/UTV or compact tractors. No-till planting has become the latest craze in the food plot world.

Packer Maxx has engineered an innovative crimper design that will not break the bank and will be very effective at crimping smaller acreage food plots.

Timing is everything and for the best results, cereal grains should be crimped while in the dough stage of growth.

Crimping will terminate the planting without chemicals, laying a thatch over broadcast seeds.

There are many benefits to the no-till planting method.

If you’re interested please get in touch with me at
The asking price of $750 includes shipping fees

Condition is decent and neatly packaged
Location: Kenai, Alaska


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Shipping equipment can be costly. It may be helpful to provide your general location as it may spur interest in folks that are in driving distance from you.