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There's a power line right-of-way not far from my house. My hunting buddy saw that there were crews there marking the power line for spraying/cutting. My buddy hunts over that way and told me there were a ton of three to five foot pines and spruces growing in it. I stopped and asked one of the crew if I could dig some of those up before they spray/cut. He made a phone call then told me no problem, the trees were going to be destroyed anyway. So my buddy and I dug up over twenty and transplanted them to my farm. Nice to have taller trees to start with. Just make sure you do your digging while they're dormant and protect the roots from drying out and freezing until transplant. Hopefully we can get back over there for more before they start.




I would love to do that but our extremely rocky flint rock and heavy soil make it almost impossible to dig up a tree by hand...I am going to try to move a pine I put in the ground as a seedling in 2014 because it is smack dab in the middle of where the new gate to the other side of the property is going to be off the county road...I guess I will be using, pick, shovel, and rock bar to try and get it out...