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Ryno Botma

Hi guys just wanted to post some photos of last seasons hunts IMG-20170406-WA0025.jpg IMG-20170406-WA0019.jpg IMG-20170403-WA0006.jpg IMG-20170406-WA0027.jpg


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Beautiful photos, My daughter and I visited South Africa, September of 2015, just a great trip, so much wildlife. What countries did you visit and how many made the trip with you?
Hi I'm blessed to be living in south Africa and experience this beauty every day I have traveled to all of our neighboring countries and each has its own unique beauty

Did you guys do some hunting on your trip ?
No hunting, just observing the wildlife and scenery. We spent a week or so in the north around Kruger, then went south to the Cape Town for another week. Saw everything from Rhino to Leopard on a kill. Everything was so good. Enjoyed quite a bit of your native game from ostrich to cape buffalo and then seafood and wine from the Cape Town area. So many beautiful wineries. Northern California and Napa have nothing on the Cape Town area for beautiful wineries.
That is true capetown is truly a beautiful place , and you will battle to find a place with more game than the Kruger park , glad you guys enjoyed your trip sounds like one you would remember for a long time
Hi guys just finished up another safari with some new friends from Tennessee we had a great time and managed to bag some good trophies IMG-20170617-WA0028.jpg IMG-20170617-WA0027.jpg IMG-20170617-WA0026.jpg IMG-20170617-WA0025.jpg IMG-20170617-WA0020.jpg IMG-20170617-WA0019.jpg IMG-20170617-WA0018.jpg IMG-20170617-WA0017.jpg IMG-20170617-WA0016.jpg