Organic Rounup


All trees grow much faster if they get less competition. Using a tree tube and some form of weed barrier can really increase growth rates. Two or three times a year, I try to weedeat around my weed mats, leaving my trees less competition for water, and light resources. Thereby growth rates are increased. After ten days, to two weeks, I spray my organic roundup, where I had previously ran the string trimmer around my tree mats.
My formula for weed killer is as follows:

One teaspoon of dish detergent
25 drops of clove (or cinnamon) essential oil
25 drops of orange essential,
Half a cup of Epsom salt (optional)
1 gallon of white distilled vinegar

You can substitute any left over pickle juice, juice from cocktail olives, (any other picked juices), or table salt for the Epsom salt, but this is optional. (CAUTION: You must be very careful adding salt. DO NOT OVERSPRAY WITH ANY SALT. It will pollute your soil, killing everything). I spray in the heat of the day, or morning before it gets hot. I spray the weeds, that I want to spray, to wet and not to dripping. The temperatures need to be above 75° F to be the most effective. The hotter the temperature outside, the better the kill. The formula strips the waxes from plants and dehydrates them. You can visually see it works within hours. I have seen no herbaceous plant show any resistance to date. Johnson grass, mares-tail, and quack grass, all die when sprayed with this formula. Three is no residual effect, so the more it rains during the season, the more grasses sprout, and some species come back from roots. Really no different from roundups action, and I think it kills weeds better. Plus its organic, and I don't have to risk exposure to these synthetic poisons, that could potentially pollute me, or my grounds.