Opening weekend of turkey season


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Me(left) and my friend Chuck with a double. Killed on 4-5-2020.

My turkey-
23lb, 10½” beard, 1½” & 1⅜” spurs

Chuck’s turkey-
20lb, 10” beard, 1” spurs




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Okie ya'll only get one bird?
Only 2 birds but they must be in different counties. I may not get down to our deer lease this turkey season because I am so busy with my dozer business so the land I own is all in 1 county...our lease encompasses 2 counties.

Haven’t even been since that 1 morning but I checked trail cams and they are really strutting it up here...
Nice birds! Congrats! That one is a stud with 1 1/2 inch spur!

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We had talked about spurs on the way hunting that morning. My biggest was 1 ⅜” and I have been after 1 ½”. I’m still after it but, I want both spurs to be 1 ½” or more. Another goal is a bird over 25lb, but spurs trumps that.

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