Hard to believe you couldn't tell the difference between a deer and an elk! Haha

A guy in Ohio got in trouble a few years ago for shooting a black bear in his back yard because he was worried it would attach his dog.....they are protected in Ohio and I think he ended up with a $10,000 fine.
Wow.....that would be one ginormous whitetail lol
I do appreciate the fact he took it to the check in station. I hope that wasn't the first moment he realized he just shot an elk though?! lol
Had a young man come to pick up a European whitetail skull I did for him and he made a comment that what I had out front simmering was huge! I didnt see a smile on his face or detect anything else in the tone of his voice to make me believe he didnt believe it was a whitetail. Only thing was it was about a 280" bull elk! I am not so sure he wouldnt have shot it if he had been deer hunting.
Sometimes you have to say wow. The kids around here know the difference at a very young age. Environment I guess. I doubt he will make that mistake again. I did not see it mentioned but was there a license suspension also?
This reminded me of this joke.

A Cowboy was going deer hunting.. His blonde wife said she was going with him.. That they never did anything together.. So, they went.. He put her in a stand by herself.. Later in the morning he heard her shoot.. He went over to her stand and she was pointing her rifle at a guy with a cowboy hat on..

The guy was telling her, Ma'am, you can have the deer you shot.. I just want to take my saddle off of him!