One of our target bucks is back


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I would say you are correct at you 5 y.o. guess. I would guess him at 5 as well. He doesn't to appear as if he is going to put much more antler on this year but he has a lot of growing to do. I would say if he stays around you need to use an arrow on him.
Nice buck. I think he is going to surprise you a little on how much he will grow this year. He still has good bulbs and doesn't even look close to finishing out. He already looks like the split on he g2 is going to be a good bit bigger and his brows are already better than last year. He will have better mass also. He will be a sweet bow kill. Good luck.
Hope to give you an up close look! We finally got some rain, may get these deer moving a bit. Hope to get some newer pictures in the coming weeks. Also hope our other mature bucks get on their feet.

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