Olive trees


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A little out of the ordinary but do y'all know anything about Olive trees (not Autumn Olives) in Zone 6B - 7A? Friend of mine wants to plant a few of them to harvest the Olives & I told him I'd see what I can find out....
You will need to plant a cold hardy variety and plant them in a pot and move them inside over winter for the first 3 to 5 years, then plant them outside. They get more cold hardy as they get older. I'd plant some olives in zone 6b except my location is at a higher elevation and I don't think it would work. We traveled to Israel last year and the date, fig, and olive trees were very interesting. I actually learned to like olives while I was there, and now I really enjoy them. Arberquina, Mission, Manzanilla and Picual are four cold hardy varieties.