Old buck on the Farm


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Our youngest shot an old buck on our farm this past Sunday evening. He’s been around a while and had been shot during bow season by someone. He had a wound channel going from the top of his back through the top of his opposite shoulder. I highly doubt he would have survived the winter, he looked rough and was limping badly. This was her second buck and to say she was excited is an understatement! He’s the third buck we’ve taken off our 80 since 2014. Catscratch is going to try to upload the pictures for me later.
In the picture he appears to be three legged. Is that accurate or is he just favoring it?
Great buck.. congratulations to the young lady!!

What part of SE Kansas are you in? I work with a group out of Parsons and cover out to Howard, Longton area.
Just the angle, he was perfectly healthy this summer, and a bully!
We live just outside Caney.
Does he only have the brow and single spike on his left antler? If so that is one hell of a spike. How long is it?
Haven’t measured it yet cat, but I’m guessing close to 20”. My bro in law boils out skulls for us, so I got the hide off and put the head in the freezer so it wouldn’t be nasty for him.

The angle of that pic really doesn’t do it justice, the beam sweeps a long way back before going up.
I had a buck like that on the place I sold but he had a nice symmetrical four points on one side. His spike looked to be a foot long. I put him on the hit list but we never saw him in person.