Oak Seedling Advice


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I have 20 White Oak and 12 Swamp Chestnuts planted from seed. I planted them 6 weeks ago and they are all up and some have put on the first leaves. I have them in the Accelerater Air Pruning pots. This is my first go round with growing oaks from acorns and so far it's been a good experience and really cool to watch them grow. My question is what next?

I haven't really had them under any type of grow light. Just leave the light on above the stove and I have them sitting under it. I'm thinking about getting a grow light for them and for future seedlings. They're planted in some miracle grow potting mix and I water every couple days. They seem to be doing great. I just didn't really plan ahead. Honestly didn't think they would make it this long because I had never done this before and I didn't know what to expect.

I plan on planting them in the ground at the farm at some point. What advice/steps should I take from this point forward? When to put them outside, when/if I need to put them in bigger containers, fertilizer, etc. A step by step instruction for a beginner would be awesome. Also, any recommendations for a grow light.

Any and all advice welcome. Thanks!
The miracle grow stuff isnt the best but it works, only water when they need it, grow bulbs are important imo. Also a fan from time to time on them helps strengthn the stems.
Thanks for the feedback. What would you recommend for soil? Also, what kind of grow light should I be looking for?
I think most of us use some form of "promix" brand mix and as far as grow bulbs I cant tell ya for sure, I run 2 48" 40watt t12s on mine.