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IMG_2820.jpegIMG_2726.jpegAs most are aware, my beloved JRT Sarge had to be euthanized last fall. I was dogless until about Christmas, had said I wasn’t getting another, but I couldn’t stand it. I got Molly from a guy on Texas Bowhunter who has a great reputation for breeding JRTs. She’s been a hard headed little cuss, but she’s getting better all the time. She’s got a great nose, as all JRTs do, and I can’t wait to start training her. We are saving blood each time we thaw out deer meat, and (if it ever stops raining) I will start laying some trails for her. They are mostly natural born blood trailers so it should be pretty straightforward. She’s already trailing our resident roadrunner that stays near our front yard.
I took her to the lease this morning when my buddy and I went to look at our plots. He had a trace mineral block close to his plot and I let her out to pee (on a leash😬) and let her sniff her way to the block. She stayed around that block sniffing in those deer and hog smells for about five minutes. I thought I was gonna have to pick her up to get her back to the truck !😁