New to Kansas!!!


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I just recently moved to Kansas and am starting my first season here. I do deer hunt sometimes but my love is small game. Stalking squirrels and jumping rabbits. Chasin Turkeys is there for me also. My question is I have hunted here a few days and have a friend that has never hunted before interested. He wants to come with me and see what it's like. I wouldn't let him shoot. But can I bring him in Kansas as an unlicensed hunter. I'll have him wear orange and stay with me. But like I said I wouldn't let him shoot. Can someone please let me know the law on this. I can't find anything online. Thanks
Any help from someone in Kansas or with any knowledge of hunting in Kansas is greatly appreacited. Thanks
I would imagine if he isn't armed then he would be considered a spectator. If worried you should call KDWP for a positive answer.

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I agree always better to call 620-672-5911 but usually as long as he isn't pushing deer or doing something to increase your chance you are fine.If born after 1957 he will need a hunter safety but also check on the apprentice hunter law
I would almost guarantee he would be fine as long as he isn't carrying a weapon and actively hunting, but a like the others said call KDWP for am official answer