New spot any Hot Spots Stand out on the Topo?

Start walking. It's going to take years to begin to know the place. On thing for sure, if you kill a deer it going to be lying dead in the deepest hole on the property.:D:D
Glad to see you posting, welcome to the forum. Looking at the map, I'd consider scouting the saddle close to the center of the topo, or any other saddle or place where two ridges intersect. A general rule of thumb, stay out of the hollows unless there is heavy cover and good air drainage, the breeze almost always swirls in hollows, and the deer pick you out from above. Hunt the downwind military crest of a ridge, your scent tends to go straight up and away, and this is also the most apt deer trail for a roaming buck to use that's scouting for does. In deer country you almost always find a deer trail along the military crest of a ridge. A dominant buck often tends to bed close to the highest point of a property, so consider hunting the downwind perimeter of this feature. Also hunt the edges of food sources. Hunt any edge feature that you might have, ie. the edge of a clearcut, the edge of a powerline or gasline, the edge of the thick stuff, the edge of the pines, the edge of the food plot. Lay these features out on your map and see where multiple features come together and head for that area with your stand. Good hunting! And wear a safety belt.
Thank you I plan on checking this property out this weekend while still hunting towards the large saddle with multiple hollows leading towards it. Just wanted to see if anything else really stood out. That was an incredibly educational post for me, thank you for sharing those thoughts.
Lots of good looking points on that map. I like the leeward side of ridges in country that steep. You'll likely find some subtle benches that are too small to show up on the topo that are great deer highways. A small bench can be all that's needed to create a good bench in hill country.