New loppers for some habitat management

Travis Aasen

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Bent my old pair today (cheap harbor freight from years ago)as I continue to assault the balsams on my property. This food plot is going to be the death of me! Looking for some new loppers... bite the bullet and buy stihl? Or, another brand? I’m open. Think I have a rain day tomorrow so I can run out for a pair in the am.

Thank you

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I have some ratcheting Fiskers, they get the nod from me. Although Stihl does have kick ass hand tools.
Follow-up : Still haven't officially committed to a set of loppers, but do think I'm going to buy the stihl this week after handling all of them. The Stihl are considerably lighter (opinion not a fact). We'll see how everything holds up by end of season.
I have a set of expandable Fisker loppers that are worn out after 2 seasons. I’ve done a ton of pruning and some big branches with them though. I have the higher end stihl hand pruners and they are the best pruners that I’ve ever used. I will have a stihl pl40 loppers before next season.