Native Hunter has now entered the game......

Native Hunter

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Native Hunter is now leaving the Game....



I had to get dad in the action:


Double Beard:




I've been watching them from the deer blind the last few days and laying out my entry plan. There were 4 good toms just wearing out one of my cedar fence rows nearly every day. I got in before daylight and got a good setup. At the time I called this one in, the other three toms were over 400 yards away and never even knew what had happened. I should be able to set up on them again in a day or two. I brought this one in with a Quaker Boy World Champ call.
That is just so right. That is just how life should be. Up before daylight, heading back in time for breakfast with a longbeard over your shoulder. Did you or dad drop this bird?
Bout the best progression of pics I've ever seen! Pretty dang cool Nativ. Think I'd have to take each one of those pics and put em in a collage underneath the turkey fan.
Sweet bird and love the planning and preparation "love it when a plan comes together" I have put a ton of time into planning a turkey kill, after days and days of chasing a particular bird and stepping back and coming up with a plan gets you up 10 days in a row at 4am. And the satisfaction of out witting a bird with the brain the size of a pea;););)

Love the double beard, I have 8 days until our season starts