Must Have Gear?

I lived in Memphis for a while.. I thought they were bad down there till I went to Alaska. I think they are Alaska's state bird!
I will put my South Carolina Lowcountry swamp skeeters up against any in the nation. The worst I have ever encountered was a boat landing on the North Santee River, literally went temporarily insane running around flailing arms smacking myself in the head while trying to trailer and pull boat out by myself!! It is something I will never forget.
Well until the mosquitos get immune to it you can take it to the bank I'll have my thermacell with me. I will take a thermacell to the woods before a knife. I don't know what it is about me but I can stand in a group of people right after I take a scent free shower and the skeeters still hit me first.
I think it does spook them. It's one more foreign thing in the air. When the wind shifted last month while I was in the stand, I heard a deer blowing at me (and a boar blowing, as well). I cannot say for certain it was my breath, etc. Could've just as easily been my thermocell. Others may have anecdotal evidence that contradicts mine. I accept that.

What worries me more is that a couple more generations of mosquitoes might become immune to it. LOL. ;)
They do make thermacell refills that are supposed to give off an earthy smell and are designed for hunting. I've never tried them so I don't know if they'd be better than the regular ones or not.

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I have never had deer run from the smell of a Thermacell, maybe in some locations it disturbs them but not here. Almost broke mine out this morning. I was fairly high in a cedar with a 10 mph wind so figured it wouldnt be necessary, then low and behold had a couple of skeeters that found me. Once I squashed them I didnt see or hear another. Side note I watched a spider make a meal of a fly in its web that was pretty neat.
I hunt almost exclusively from tree stands. I often hunt very close to bedding areas, it's just the way my hunting area works out. I have to get in very quietly and conceal myself very well in order to not get busted by the deer. One of the things that I can't hunt without is branch holders to conceal my silhouette in the tree. I have been using branch holders for the last couple years and have had excellent results. I usually mount them just below and behind my stand with branches sticking up to cover the base of my stand and also behind me to break my outline up. I see now that they are available for sale on Amazon.
1. Safety Belt or stay out of the tree.
2. Ozonics
3. Thermocell
4. 2 Flashlights
5. one drink and two snacks (I am a diabetic)
6. first aid kit
7. haul line
8. phone
9. knife
10. scent killer
11. Range finder in bow season
12. binos
13. bow hanger or gun hanger
14. extra strap for tree stand
15. multi- pliers by gerber
Bow arm/hook
Extra bow rope
Extra battery charge for my phone
I fill a sock with activated carbon powder to pat down myself and gear if I get oily/sweaty during the walk in/during the day. Messy, but feel it works.
Chlorophyll pills/gum
Milkweed, binoculars, flashlight, camcorder, phone, extra haul line.
I ALWAYS have a couple apples...very effective at deodorizing breath.