Muddy Sky Box vs Millennium L110


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Does anyone have experience with either. I'm debating between the two. Roughly $125 difference.

I love millennium hang ons. But haven't tried muddy. I could get 3 muddy for price of 2 Millennium.


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Kwood...I've had the M110 for 4 or 5 years. It is the most comfortable ladder stand I've ever sat. Interesting on their seat design...other's are now using the same design. We've got a River's Edge with the same design and a X-Stand with the Millennium seat design. Love the design of the X-Stand with the locking jaws. Makes putting up so much easier and safer. But neither are as comfortable as the Millennium. Never have sat in a Muddy but each time I've gone for one for less money than the Millennium I've come up short on the comfort scale. Just my .02 worth.
I have a 21' muddy ladder stand, cant remember the model. The ladder portion has double tubing along the steps. Very heavy and comfy stand. That SOB creaks like a model T suspension when climbing it. Tried lube and spray rubber on the joints. May just abandon it...

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Triple C, thanks. Do you take it down or leave it out after the season. How has it held up?
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Have 3 Millenium ladder stands in total and all three have been out since we put them up. A squirrel or something has chewed a small hole in one of the seats. The knob that allows you to adjust the height of the shooting rail has basically crumbled on one of them. The bolt underneath the knob is rusting. No rust on any part of the actual stand. I will be replacing the straps on all of them this year as a precaution. It would be much better to take them down and store them but it's just to much of a hassle. In addition to being well built, they are quite heavy.
Not a comparison in my opinion. Millennium by far superior. I have both up the Muddy's are great stands as well but as far as comfort and ease of installation the Millennium's are the best.
I have 4 muddy sky boxes and bought another last week. They are quiet and comfortable. I really like the strength in the double side rails and approximately $160 each. No experience with the millenium brand.