Movement in tree stand


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I hunt public only and have killed one deer so far this year. But I was 18’ up and well covered. Which leads me to my question:

How much movement can you get away with elevated ? I like to stand up every hour or so and look around , pee etc. is this all hurting me ?
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Probably not. Just make sure to keep an eye out before you make your move.

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This would be my advice as well. Look, listen, and look some more before you stand up. Move slowly and make as little noise as possible. Sometimes that’s not easy in a metal stand. Good luck !
I agree. I don't hunt public land but I try to keep movement to a minimum any way. I would do a serious scan with your eyes/binos of the area before trying to stand. And then every motion needs to be in slow motion. And I don't mean to sound like some racial cavemen....but it you are light skinned....having your hands and face covered (mask/gloves/face paint) will reduce the chances of the deer detecting that movement as well. Having what I call "back cover" in a stand can help a lot as well but we don't always have that luxury. Any squeaks or noises need to be addressed as well. That little "clink" of a zipper tab on a pant leg against the stand to a "squeak" in the stand as you shift around can be a killer when hunting pressured deer.