Moonglow Pear Question

I have the... opportunity to buy two Moonglow semi-dwarf pear trees for real cheap. They're both still potted and approximately 5' tall. I have several apple trees on my property but no pears. Will the moonglow's pollinate each other and produce fruit? Or should I not bother buying and planting them?
Native is the Moonglow dude. I have 1 planted and several more at home in pots that I grafted to seedlings.

I do believe they need a pollinator. I have my 1 tree planted next to a Kieffer and an Orient pear.
Kieffer will pollinate it, and I've read Seckel is a good pollinator as well. There are so many pears around me I never worry about pollination.
So my pear... deal fell through, but now I'm thinking I'll just go buy some. Lowes sells fruit trees. Anyone ever bought trees from them? Is there a better place to buy from?
I have good success with Lowe's trees. You can usually find keifer, Ayers, and moonflower which are all good varieties.
Lowes it is... Thanks guys but these are my options and I'm clueless when it comes to pears. They don't have any Kieffer.
Only Bartlett, Ayers and Moonglow. I don't know what needs to pollinate what?
What should I buy? Was planning on only getting three.
Yea, definitely skip the Bartlett. If you have a Home Depot close by check them out. They always seem to have Kieffers in stock.
Depends in the weather you have where your at. I've started planting trees but our heat should be about to break and it about he time of year we starting getting more rain. If needed though I could supplement with water. If you can water in the event you get no rain and not blistering hot there I would go for it .