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It's that time of year again. What is everyone using for minerals? We use this In a 50/50 mix with stock salt. Deer seem to love it. We just pour it on the ground and mix it up with the soil a little.

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I mix salt with a cattle mineral that has higher mineral content like high mag. I mix the salt and trace mineral 50/50, the deer like it. Hard to tell if the additional trace minerals really help with deer health or not but they really seem to crave it.

I have used the redmond or trophy rock and still do on occasion for ease of carry. I much prefer 50 pound bags of salt and trace mineral. The redmond blocks are almost all salt just like Trophy rock.
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Trace mineral blocks from the local feed store. I use them mainly to take inventory of the deer herd. Unfortunately, I'm always reminded that we have more hogs than deer. image.jpegimage.jpeg image.jpeg
Currently I mix a 50 lb bag of 2:1 cattle mineral and 50 lbs white salt. I'll get pictures of every buck in the county on it in late July and August.
2:1:1 trace mineral, salt and di-calcium phosphate. Get them in 50 pound bags at our local co-op and it last a while.
Where do you get this from. Nobody here locally carries it.
That's the hard part. I spent a few years looking for it. Now a big regional farm store carries it in my city. Have you tried the dealer finder?


Otherwise, try some place that carries horse feed and minerals. They'll likely have the redmond salt on a rope lick for horses. If they have a pipeline to Redmond for those, maybe they'll do the legwork to try and get some in for ya.
Water softener pellets from Walmart and a bag of cattle mix. I've put out blocks before and nothing touches them. They eventually dissolve but it takes forever.
I use a trace mineral block from my local farm retail store (Rural King)....Champions brand...50 lb block for like $7....lasts me all summer. I toss the block in my FEL...drive to within walking distance of the site....plop down the block (typically on a stump), set up the cam and that is that. I have video of them licking the block like a giant popsicle!