MI inside beam bucks


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We had a couple of neat ones we were/are chasing this year that I'd like to share. We've never had a deer with a beam like That, This year we had 2 of them on 2 different woodlots about 7 miles apart. One is a mainframe 8 with an inside beam, triple brows on the same side and split brows on the other . He lived in that same woodlot last year as a 3.5.

The other is a mainframe 10 with an inside beam.

Would love to get your opinions on scores, as we have only a week or so left to get to actually put a tape on them.

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They are both awesome bucks. Thats an interesting trait. I wouldnt guess the score but they are both shooters to me. Are the inside beams coming off the main beam or another pedicle ?
I hope you get one of them. Good Luck
They both seem to be coming off the actual beam. Wish I had more pics of the 10 with the inside beam, but I don't.
Yeah the 10 is the one you want. It's good to have either of them on your propertys. Great looking bucks. I'd bet they would be hell on another buck to fight , you may have some one eyed bucks running around there.