McIntosh in the South


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Always heard McIntosh apples wouldn't do well in the South, but these are some trees I planted at my parents' when I was still living at home 25 years ago. They generally produce quite a few delicious apples but this year has been a bumper crop. Mom is already making apple pies and crisps from these, and holy crap are they good. Gonna make some brandy out of these too in a few weeks, and apple butter, and ....... LOL

McIntosh 1.JPG
Tree beside the first one. Think I got all these from somewhere in Tennessee that used full-size tree rootstocks. This was before I knew anything about varieties other than names and nothing about rootstock.

McIntosh 2.JPG
I'd love to sample your apple butter. Growing up we'd make it in a large copper butcher kettle with a wood fire under it, and a wooden stirrer with an eight foot handle. It was an all day affair, but well worth it.
If mom will make me some we'll see what we can do. That apple butter making day you describe sounds like the old cane syrup making days we used to have in south Georgia and my aunt's farm.