Lynx winter peas, anybody try em?


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while looking around the net for winter peas, I saw on a results page Lynx peas. So I clicked and read a bit. Interesting as they are supposed to be 15 degrees more cold hardy than Austrian peas. I am waiting for a call back now from a supplier that isn't too far from me for pricing and availability.

has anyone tried them?

any luck?

browsed, regrow......

spring green up?
I don't get too excited about peas. Winter hardy doesn't matter much in my location, the deer snip them off as soon as they emerge, long before cold weather. I use them as a mix at times, but they don't last long enough, for the money. If you planted a big acreage of pure peas, you may be able to get them through, depending on densities, of course.
I run that risk, high hungry deer density........ but I gotta try. if they mow 200 pounds worth down, I won't try again without a serious nurse crop.
I was going to buy some today when I bought my Rye, Oats, MRC, and GHR. My decision was made easy when they were out of peas! I have a few bags of leftover beans I will thrown in, in place.