Lots of does


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Hunting the Wi opener last weekend. I was surrounded by does/ fawns. I will be taking at least 4 of them between me an my daughter we already have 2 down. We have 2 buck tags and 2 doe tags left. At one point I had 8 deer within 30-40 yards of my stand at the same time. Then my wife text me and said there were 8 in the back yard of the cabin. About 3-400 yards from where I was at.

My question is this, with all the deer around the stand what are the chances a buck would come in? Would I be better off trying to grunt at the does to scare them off or just leave them alone? They stayed for about and hour towards the end of shooting time.

There are way to many deer in my area. a Friend on a neighboring property counted 32 one night during bow season.

Bucks are after does; having eight near you is a good thing especially if one of them is in heat. Think of it like a bar full of women or an empty bar. Which one would single guys check first?