Looking for help on a hunting book title


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My grandfather gave me a book in 2009 or so about hunting that had a couple stories in it. It included stories that had a young girl on horseback killing a deer she had flushed from a brush pile. She flushed it out and shot it from horseback with a shotgun. It also had a story about a kid shooting a deer in the foot and the deer having messed up antlers later on. They recognized the bucks footprints while hunting it and tracking it. It also included a story about a man joining a hunting club. He tells old stories about riding the truck into the swamp and playing cards at night. His friend ends up drowning while loading cattle I believe onto a barge and he ends up marrying the widow of the fellow who drowned later on down the road. Book also goes into the mind of a deer and how smart a big buck is and the narrow opportunities hunters have. When I read the book it was at least a couple years old most likely more. Cover is paperback and was white or grey. I know this is a long shot hope one of y'all can help. Thanks!
I don't know but if you knew the state I would try to contact older outdoor writers for the major newspapers in that state.

Why? If one of them would just put your search in print, you will soon get an answer. Ole' timers like to talk about what they know. Very interesting post you have.

Let us know if you get the answer to your quest.

Good luck to you.