Looking for beta testers for a trailcam software program


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My brothers and I began developing a software that will automatically analyze your trailcam pictures to determine which one of them have deer. The software then combines image analytics with other data such as time of day, moon phase, weather, wind direction, and others to give statistical data on when deer are most likely to show up in your geographic location.

We’re looking for beta testers who would be willing to give feedback on our software. Beta testing would begin in January 2018 and in exchange you would also get free access to our software once we launch.

Please message me if interested and I’ll send over the website link to signup. I will also gladly answer all of your questions about what we’re doing. I appreciate everyone’s help on this!

MODs: Hopefully this post is ok. If not, please let me know if I should remove this or where else I can post this. Nothing is sold during this beta testing process.
Is this software something that runs locally on my PC or do the pics all need to be uploaded to your site?
Great question Gator, the images are uploaded but they are not accessible to any other users but you. The images run through an image recognition model to recognize the deer and for you to review them. Our first version will be web only, but we are open to implementing a desktop version as well.