lil project ive been busy with


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I never liked how this mount looked on the wall in my house, use to have a desk under it but I wanted a change. Decided to attempt building a faux fireplace of sorts and ended up using a 1500watt 1000sq ft electric fireplace in it. Gotta paint the wall green yet but I'm pretty dang proud of it! Heres a video of it
and then a few pics21728111_760528383931_1634204705301669695_n.jpg 21764759_760528408881_5517570960709512312_n.jpg 21761447_760528523651_8876162072939113548_n.jpg 21731052_760528553591_6915385333123270604_n.jpg
Very nice. I assume that heater doesnt put out a lot of heat? As a taxidermist I always cringe when someone has a mount over a heat source. It definitely is harder on a mount to have that dry heat on it.
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It puts out a lot but it blows straight out pretty well, its infrared heat, couldnt notice any signs of any warmth up near mount.
What's the facing surrounding the fire area? Looks like pallet wood vs the pine behind the mount.

Looks great! Appreciate the work in progress pic!
That's pretty cool.....I plan to do something similar when I finish my basement. I also like the built in cabinet in the wall - sort of a neat little display case.