Let's see your bird dog....

Family. beautiful dogs. What is your main use? Quail? Pheasants? Grouse?
We have few quail around. Pheasants are mostly put and take. Grouse season closed permeantly last year. I guess that I like to feed dogs when I have very little game to hunt. I hunted South Dakota once in college, best upland experience of my life. These are my first bird dogs. I was obsessed with the birddog stories of my grandfather and great uncles when I was a kid. My family's Thanksgiving pheasant hunt has turned into a deer hunt. I'm not a great trainer nor a rich man, so I do the best I can. I just want my son kill a few birds from time to time over them; he loves planting birds and watching the dogs work. They won't win a field trial, but they work for us.


Belle turns 12 this November but still hunting--might not be able to go as long as a few years ago but she still has the drive to retrieve our ducks and geese in some freezing cold temps.

That is one gorgeous dog. Had labs all my life, next up, GSP. Ill post pics when I get her in a few months. (Not born yet)
Future bird dog...hopefully. She joined our family June 12th, almost 3 months now.