Let's Give This a Try


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Here are the only 2 mature bucks I have pics of so far this year. Thinking both will be mid 150s when done. Sorry, don't have acess to use photobucket so pics will come 1 each.

I would have no problems chasing a couple deer that look like that! Should make for a fun season I would say.
Thanks guys! Was expecting better results this year as I had several nice 3 year olds on camera last year. Also let 2 really nice bucks walk last year that would have been over 140 inches. Felt confident that they made it through the hunting season but have yet to get them on camera this year. We have a really big problem with the Amish poaching deer throughout the year.
Dang you have Amish around you? I hear they are hell on deer.

Yes, unfortunately! They moved in about 15 years ago because land prices were about 1/3 of what they are on the east coast. Since then we have seen rapid growth and the problems keep getting worse. The poaching and theft is out of control. They take whatever they want from the land and go through everyone's property. Apple trees and native berries get hit hard by Amish trespassing. Hunting is worse as they go wherever they want whenever they want. I called in a group of them last year for poaching a button buck on our land. The game warden couldn't pin it on any 1 individual because they all blamed each other and no one gave real names. They did charge them with some other minor violations.

We have a bridge that is next to our land. I took some pics from the bridge last week and noticed the "I" beams supporting the planks were filled with deer legs. I counted 17 legs stuck in the "I" beams. I'm assuming the Amish toss the waste over the bridge and several of the legs end up stuck in the bridge.
Nice bucks Beck!!!

Amish have been near our hunting property since I was a kid. We've Never had problems with them trespassing.