LC's Mixes

The white perennial clover goes around the perimeter. Plant the rest of the plot in blocks or strips. Half of those with the brassica mix and half with the cereal combo.( annual clover and radish). He believed in the strip/block method to keep the deer moving through the plot. If you just plant either a single crop or a combo plot then the deer tend to just use the edges. Get them to move through the plot. In my opinion the LC methodi is the gold standard. I’ve used it exclusively with high success. Many people try and tweak it. There is no need . Keep it simple, and he would tell you that.
Does the cereal combo have radish and clover?
Cereal Grain combo in 45% of plot...we use 50# each rye, oats and peas along with radish and clover seed all planted in half of each feeding area

Winter rye 50-80#'s per acre (56#'s = a bushel)
Spring oats 50-120#'s per acre (32#'s = a bushel)
Frostmaster Winter Peas or 4010/6040 Forage peas 20-80#'s per acre

Red Clover 8-12#'s per acre or white clover at 6#'s per acre (or 20-40 pounds hairy vetch and 20-30#'s crimson clover on sandy soils)
Groundhog Forage Radish 5#'s per acre