Lazyman stands?


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Anyone have experience with them? How good are they? Ive been kicking the idea of getting one for awhile. Would like to afford a Redneck but unless I hit the lottery I doubt itll happen anytime soon. Thought about building one, but I figure by the time I'm all said and done, Ill probably be at least as much as buying one maybe more.
360 Hunting Blinds sold by Ed Weaver from Memphis Mo is a nicer stand for less money. Built by the Amish shed builders in Pennsylvania, it's just one nice stand. I'm not involved with the company but I know them and have two of their hunting blinds.360 Series Hunting Blinds - 360 Series Hunting Blinds(1).jpg
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Do you mind sharing the price? How well do the windows seal up to keep out the elements? Is there room for 2 good sized adults?