Late Sawtooths

Wow, those look great! Where did you find a sawtooth that drops so late?

I started growing sawtooths from seed in 1998. Over time I've gathered acorns from my latest dropping trees and grew them. Over time they've gotten later and later. Don't know if it's the climate or what. I have two sets that drop in late October and early November and they are 60 miles and 500 feet in elevation different, plus different soil types. I think it is a trait instead of climate/location but not 100% sure. I have others planted with the ones 60 miles from here that some drop in late September, some mid October, then these that drop in late October or early November. Some drop all at once, and others trickle off for a month.
The acorns on this particular tree are smaller, too. They will be between a normal sawtooth and a gobbler sawtooth in size. This tree blooms late too, which gets it beyond our normal late freezes that often take out the crops on the earlier droppers. Matter of fact, none of the ones that usually drop in September have acorns this year. Their blooms got hammered by a mid-April freeze last year. And, this year as well.
My trees are loaded but many acorn baskets look like your picture. Mine drop late Sept early Oct
I hope to try some of these late droppers in west central Illinois next year. Fingers crossed that they will do well right at or just past their northern edge..

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I have grown a bunch of these from Tommy and they are good growers......haven't got any nuts yet but I think in another year they should hopefully have a couple. If you have ever wanted to try to grow trees....sawtooth are a good tree to start. They are pretty much foolproof!