Late KY Muzzleloader Success


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KY is a one buck state and I killed during our modern gun season. My buddy had been hunting hard but hadn’t seen a buck he wanted to take.

We decided to hunt my in laws farm that hadn’t seen any pressure all year. I also decided to video for the first time. Bringing the camera and getting it in the tree wasn’t as bad as I expected.


We got there early because the tree was just setup for one and we had to hang a lock on. We were set and ready around 2:30.

The first two hours were slow. A front was coming through and we were getting our first snow of the winter. Two coyotes trotted through the field about 4:30 and headed into the spot where I thought the deer would be bedding. I hoped they would get the deer on their feet.

Thirty minutes later a nice buck came out of the bedding area into the field. He was the first deer of the night. I saw him first and told my buddy. He was noticeably shaking when he saw him :).


I barely had time to get the camera on him and zoom in before he shot. He was pumped. His biggest deer to date.