Late Dropping Chinese Chestnuts


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I have spent a great deal of time and effort to promote the growing of Chinese Chestnuts trees in the eastern United States. In 2014 I shipped out chestnuts and then again in 2015.

As you do something you learn more as people see what you do. I was fortunate to gain permission to collect chestnuts from a 30 tree grove about 2 miles from my house.

I targeted the drop time and collected from the late droppers for our area.

The attached photo is the late droppers I will plant on my farm - they are in two gallon root pouches. I made a few mistakes - and got some brown leaves. I moved to them a shade spot that occurs at 11:00 am and put up a burlap shade barrier against the late day sun.

These seedlings have rebounded very well. Just a few leaves left to recover their green color. The fullness of the leaves and their thickness has improved. Stem girth has improved. Got new leaves coming on. All good signs to see.

I like to close my eyes and feel a chestnut leave between my thumb and index finger. How does it feel? Is it dry - is it full - is it alive.

If you are growing Chinese Chestnuts and have a question, please ask away.


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Those look healthy, Wayne. You are the Chestnut man. Look forward to continuing along with you on this and other projects.
Thanks Lak, these are strong seedlings.

Friend we are going to have some fun. No doubt about it. May have some seedlings for you in October - let me see how it goes.
What does approximately 3,000 chestnuts look like?

Brooks Campbell.JPG

That is my grandson (Brooks Campbell) with a Saturday morning collection in October 2015. He likes see his picture on the internet.
Shipping Boxes of Chestnuts Out Across Eastern United States. This photo has 33 flat rate boxes ready for the US Post Office. I shipped from late Sept to early Nov in 2015.

33 Orders Ready 4 PO.JPG
My yard has five Chinese Chestnut trees planted in the spring of 2015 to provide easy collection down the road. I am not growing a high dollar timber tree. The tree I want will have many scaffold of limbs that generate more sunlight opportunities. I just love seeing a Chinese Chestnut that has branches touching the ground in September or October because it is loaded with burrs of healthy chestnuts.
Trees planted for timber value rule in most instances but not in every situation.
My avatar photo has my favorite chestnut in my yard. My trees get babied - they don't stress for water.

Best Seedling.jpg

I am 5' 10" inches tall. This tree has many branches full of healthy leaves. Oh by the way, that is the greenhouse in the background.
Thanks for reading this thread.
Thanks for some more good info. I hope you find some late droppers that carry on that trait. I'd love to have a few seeds when you do.
I planted 6 Chinese chestnuts in the spring of 2015 as well. I'll have to get some pics to post here to get your opinion. Some have really green leaves and others a lighter, pale green. I got them from Arbor Day Foundation and they were nice sized trees to start, about 3-4' tall.