Largest doe

187# on the hoof during late antlerless season. May have been bulking up for the winter? DNR aged her as 3.5 yrs old. She seemed like a freak show for a body size. I was guessing her older than that, but I couldn't argue the tooth wear chart.

Very southern MI about 20 miles north of the Indiana line.
I killed 107 lb dressed off our home 10... that's a big doe in NE Oklahoma.

Biggest I ever killed was 123 dressed in western Oklahoma...
A few years ago my father and I both shot doe that weighed 160 pounds, live weight. Today my father shot another big doe, 130 pounds field dressed. It really makes me feel good knowing we are providing excellent food and cover for the doe to get that large.

I just think it's funny when people don't believe me when I tell them what our deer weigh.

Shot larger does up north but where I am from and live, 129 in South Carolina. Quite a few does have been shot bigger but I have not had the opportunity shoot. Our state surely is not a heavy deer state.
Our average adult weighs about 100. I saw a doe once on opening day that was a monster. It stood out so much from the other deer I thought it had to be a buck that lost it's antlers. After several minutes in the scope I could find no sign of being a buck. I didn't shoot this deer quite frankly because I thought it had some kind of hormonal imbalance and the meat wouldn't be any good. LOL. Another person hunting the property ended up shooting it a couple days later. It weighed 147. I've never seen one even close to that since either. Just a fluke I guess. I still don't think I would have ate it.
On our place in west central KY, the average mature doe is around 110lbs dressed. Our biggest doe this year was 115 while our smallest was 70. I can recall killing one 120 dressed a few years ago. I weigh them with a cabelas big game scale that I only trust to within 5lbs.

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When I lived in Lexington KY some of the does seemed huge, we weighed a couple to 125# dressed...can't swear by the accuracy of the scales.

Where I live in VA the does are much smaller than that. Don't weigh them but can't imagine any going over 110# dressed. Probably average 95 or so.
At the start of the drag, maybe 125 live, but toward the end of the drag, I'm quite sure the thing weighs 275#!! I don't weigh my deer, but I can say that as a doe goes into maturity of 5+ years, they become brutes. I have several residents that look like small cows.
Some of our does get fairly large. I haven't a picture of her, but we have a doe I wouldn't doubt close to 200 lbs love weight. Here is a pic of a pretty big doe from this season.

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