Kubota MX series?


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It's time for a new tractor.
I'm thinking of Kubota mostly because there is a dealer close by. Not many other tractor shops around here. The nearest shop for my Farmtrac 545 is a looong waaay away...I'm tired of hauling it 85 miles for service or repair.
I think I need something in the 40-50 hp range. Maybe an MX4800 or 5200. Anybody have any input on them?
I'll probably go hydro rather than gears. I don't do any deep tillage anymore.
Thanks for any advice.
I bought the MX5200 last part of March, it now has just over 75 hours on it. I pull a 6 brush hog and have the front end loader. Wish I had done a 7 or 8 foot brush hog, as shredding 70 plus acres with a 6 footer takes awhile. Tractor does everything I need it too and then some. Only change I would make to the tractor is going with the MX5800 series, who doesn't need a few more ponies under the hood. Love the hydro transmission it is great and has the cruise control which comes in handy for long shredding sessions. I will fill the rear tires soon to help with front loader work. I say buy it you won't regret it.

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I picked up a smoking deal on a MX5200 FWD HST with loader, 6' brush hog & 6' rear-time tiller in February. Only have 30 hours on it but have been in love! Does everything I need of it. Only regret is I wish I would've bought some extra remotes for a grapple, etc., those can easily be added.

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I spent the last 2 days running my buddy's LA 3800. Such a nice little machine.
I looked at a used, low hour (335) MX 5100 yesterday. Price was right but the thing looked a bit beat-up for only 335 hours. I think I'll keep shopping for a different MX model.

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Always get a a size or two bigger than you think you need, particularly if you're set on the HST. Around here, folks are so proud of used tractors that new with warranty is increasingly attractive, particu with low rates available.