Kings Mountain NC Chestnuts


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Came up to visit my grandparents for a couple days and I went straight to the cheatnut tree he planted a couple years ago behind the barn. It's growing in nice and producing but they all have worms in them.
Sweet! You going to try and grow some trees from the nut?

Is there another chestnut tree in the area? I always thought another was needed to pollinate it.
Yes i plan on planting the chestnuts they are full of worms so not worth eating. Does any know why they are wormy? or a way to treat the tree so next years crop isn't wormy? I don't know of another tree in the area the other 4 trees didn't make it cause deer destroy them because he didn't protect them. Not sure why this one wasn't touched but he has a larger garden and a compost pile that he works all the time 10' from the chestnut. All that said he has deer in his garden almost every night so who knows. I asked him to ask his neighbor abt any other chestnuts in the area. Could anything else pollinate it? Most of them i collected only produced a center nut and they are round (they dont really have a flat side), the outside nuts where flat as a penny couldn't be found. Not sure if it could have to do with the lack of rain this year.
Single chestnuts or double chestnuts in the bur are due to a lack of water at the critical time. Nature promote survival. The chestnut bur will abort one or two of nuts in order to grow one or two good nuts so the tree can continue to thrive.

When I pick chestnuts under trees, I love to find a round chestnuts - this was a single viable nut in the bur and shared nothing. It got everything the tree and roots could deliver. Many of those go into my fridge for my farm ground.

Regarding pollen other than another chestnut tree - I have no knowledge to share about that.

Throw away all of the abort chestnuts that are as thin as a penny - they aren't a viable nut that will germinate or grow a tree for you.

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