Keeping feet warm in rubber boots


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I got a pair of muck boots last year and they are very comfortable and light weight but my feet still get cold. I've tried wearing thick wool socks but not much help. Anybody have any tips or products that you have had success with? Thank you very much!
Get a thin pair of silk socks that you put on first and put a good pair of wool socks over the top of them. The wool socks need to have at least 88% wool content.

Stop wearing a belt and wear suspenders on cold days as this will improve your circulation.

The silk socks move moisture away from the skin. Dry feet with good circulation will keep you warmer.

I have never used boot dryers but my friends that do claim it helps keep their feet warm. The boots are dry and considerably warmer when your feet first go in them.
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The Mucks have neoprene uppers correct? I bought a pair of "Muck" type boots the last go around that have a complete neoprene liner. They are much warmer.
Another thread going right now in deer hunting room. The trick is having a pair of boots that is a size and half larger so you insulate with warm socks without constricting blood flow.
That's awesome advice, thanks guys. I never even thought about wearing my suspenders instead on my belt. I've been told by a few people that wearing really thick socks don't help much because they don't let your feet breathe so the thin socks under also make sense
I second the toastie toes . I always had trouble keeping my feet warm until I found these. Cold days just one pair, really cold days two. Its a pretty small price to pay for warm feet. Warm feet = more stand time

Just a warning, I started off wearing them on the bottom of my feet, one time not sure what happen but I burnt them bottom of my foot really bad . Ever since just put them on top of my foot over my toes( over your socks, not on bare skin) and good to sit all day. Great deal at Wally right now, 10 pairs for 5 bucks. Will pay that all day long for warm feet!!!!!!

+1 on the antiperspirant. I also bought a pair of insoles made by yak Trax last year that helped a bunch. They were described as a wicking insole. They were like 10$ and seemed to help a bunch. I use my rubber boots till it gets really cold. Then I switch to my Baffins. Happy with both set ups :)
I've tried everything. Even wearing normal socks, plastic bags, then my boot so my boots would not get wet from the walk in. I would then change my socks out to new dry socks at the base of the stand and climb in. It helped, but never did keep my feet warm.

This year is the first time I had warm feet and it was amazing. I said screw it and spent $50 on the actual Ice Breakers Boot Blankets, not the Arctic Shield ones. I didn't want to deal with the hassle of charging (thermacell heated insoles) or reapplying (foot warmers) etc. I just wanted to put my feet in and warm up. These Boot Blankets are amazing and keep my feet warm all day, even during muzzleloader late season. I wear them with my lightly insulated Irish Setter hiking boots or my Muck rubber boots. Worth every single penny.

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I take an extra pair of dry socks with me and keep them warm in my muff with my hands and hand warmer. When my feet start to get cold I take off my boots and put the warm/dry socks on. This worked well for me this year.

I'll check out the boot blankets alldaysit.

The link above is a boot cover that goes over your boots. I purchased this type of product years ago at Gander Mountain. I would take my boots off in a shooting house in 15 degree weather and put these on over my hunting socks with plenty of hot hands inside the artic shield covers.

Gosh it was a warming process. Removing boots improves your circulation if you have too thick of socks. It is a sure fire warm process.

If you had a young hunter that suffered cold temp settings - this works.