Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT


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Anyone have experience with these? I've been a big fan of Kawi reliability (I have a Teryx and have had a Brute Force). The rear fold down seat would solve a lot of problems. The ride is super plush, great engine braking and it has a 3yr warranty. I've also considered the Honday Pioneer 1000-5, and 700-4 and Kubota 1140. My biggest gripe is the locking differential does not lock the front wheels like my Teryx and Grizzlies do. This will be used for general chores and trail riding. It will be used to move tons of lime and fertilizer and firewood. Any thoughts?
My neighbor has the Mule 610 and he doesn't have any issue with climbing steep hills in 4 wheel drive so I wouldn't let that bother you to much. I here the Kubota are a workhorse but doesn't go very fast. That's about all I can help you with but I am a big fan of Honda though. I'm just afraid with the fold down seats lime will fall threw the cracks if it's in bulk loose lime.
The 610 is quite a different machine. I do worry because I have one incline that I frequently have to lock the differential and climb in low to get up in my Teryx (steep and usually wet leaves on top of slick rocks). Also, differential lock makes a real difference climbing more typical hills when the snows pile up.
Yea I forgot about that you were in NY and that much snow. If it's that steep I don't think I would want to be hauling very much lime or fertilizer up that hill Are you going to use bulk lime or bagged?
I only go to this area to check cameras. Lime and fertilizer require less severe hills. Lime is bagged pellet lime (we use the side by sides to get it to the tractor when we don't want to scratch up the pickup). Most of the use most of the year can be done in 2wd. Spring thaw, snow, and the one steep gradient are the exceptions. I thought long and hard about the mule 610. They've become so proud of them the last few years,it's worth the premium for the pro fxt IMO.
I have no experience with the others you have mentioned so I can't compare. But I love my mule pro fxt. Lots of room, super smooth ride, and TONS of room! Taken it up some pretty good hills.

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