Kansas Non Residence drawing

Dads Son

I applied for a non residence kansas rifle hunting license but I didn't get drawn.
Will I have any other option for hunting in Kansas this fall?
I think I heard we can get some land owner tags for doe.
Or would I be able to buy an archery tag if they have any available?
You might be able to score a left over tag for archery, but I’m not sure that there will be many at all. I’ve heard of a lot of guys that didn’t draw a tag this year that usually do so there’s gonna be lots of guys competing for the leftover tags.
I've heard that there are no "left over" tags this year, demand exceeded supply in all units.
Are you the land owner? I don't think KS has any tags that are transferable.
I bet your best bet to finding actual answers would be to call Pratt and ask someone from the department.
Dang, seriously? I got drawn for a Kansas rifle tag. Second year in a row. What unit did you apply for? Can't imagine demand outstripping supply. When I was out there last year, I literally did not see another hunter, except the ones in our party.