Just picked up a new spot


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Never hunted a cow pasture. Any suggestions?
Creek running through the middle, looks like a entrance coming in on bottom left, and trails through the top right woods. Thinking the meadow between back woods and creek could be good also.


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Think edges. Think about where the land use changes. Trees - Pasture. When are you hunting? Archery? Muzzleloader? Regular gun season? (Virginian's understand). And how about a bigger picture showing about a half mile radius from the center of your area of interest. It's hard to tell feeding, bedding, and travel areas on a small image.
Archery and Muzzleloader is what I use year around. There are not a lot of adjoining crops in either direction, are cow path's through the woods with deer tracks in there. Was thinking do I hunt the openings in the woods up top right, the meadow on the left across the creek gives lots of edges and entrances from other properties, bottom in a crossing from connecting strip and a nice little opening surounded by trees on 3 sides.