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I really don't like this stuff. There were 2 sprayings before my pollinator planting, and it looked like a desert. The last spraying was with Plateau. It doesn't all look this bad, but hopefully I can get it cut before it heads out.Photo 1.jpg
JG has an incredible ability to come back and survive no matter what hits it. 2 good things about it; cattle love it, and it goes dormant very early in the fall leaving an opening for fall planter cereals. I had to search deep into my soul to come up with positives, otherwise I can't stand the stuff.

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I hate it...I have very, very little on my place and I am sure what I have came from my Brushhog since I use it commercially. The seeds get caught up in nooks and crannies and fall out when I use it on my place. I attack it aggressively when I see it...
Most pollinator plantings dont include grass seeds, so you can control johnson grass with cleth. If in fields with grass, JG usually outgrows everything else and you can use one of those 5 ft weed wicks. Usually best if hit from two directions.
I've got some grasses in my mix. But, I didn't think about the rope wick applicator. I'm going to see if the guy that did the spraying has one. This remote field conversion project does have It's complications.
It’s difficult to eradicate, but it can be managed with applications of cleth to knock it back. I’m going to continue to experiment with spring winter rye throw and mow, and see if that will help. If you can keep it from overtaking a clover plot, I do think the deer actually like to move through it while munching on clover.