John Deere parts!


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Ok - all you guys out there that own a Deere you know the parts availability is awesome.....but they tend to be a bit on the expensive side.

I have a 513 rotary mower that I broke the shear pin in the the slip clutch. Since then I have replaced it several times with cheap hardware store bolts.....grade 3 = broke, grade 5 = broke, so I bit the bullet and bought a true replacement.....I also bought a spare (best way to keep a part from breaking is to have a spare immediately available:D).
shear pin.jpg
What the receipt said:
Bolt $4.10
nut $1.14

What I really think it is:
Nut: $.24
JD logo poly bag: $4.50
Take on of your bolts to bolt and screw dealer and get you a couple more. I'll bet they will be cheaper there unless you just like giving deere your hard earned money.
I bought a spare......that means the one I have now will never fail! Only time stuff ever breaks is when you don;t have a spare!