Is this really a pear tree


Bought this tree at Lowes on clearance a couple of years ago and was marked as either a Keiffer or a Bartlett pear, have four, don't recall which was which anymore. Finally got some fruit on it this year, and I am a little confused, as I always thought pears were yellow and green and not red like This is this indeed a pear, or was this tree mismarked at Lowes?
That is the root stock that the pears that you were supposedly buying are supposed to be growing on. Still good wildlife pears and may hold fruit longer.

My Ayers Pears have a red cast when young and little spots like yours appear to have.

Not saying that's what you have but it is possible. This pic was last year a little later in the year but still young pears.

Good news is you have pears and no FB.

What he says^^^. My root stock pears were 1 1/2" diameter balls at the end of the season. My Kiefers would come out red too.

wouldn't be surprised if it was mislabeled somehow. Will watch things and see how they ripen over the summer.
Thanks for all the info.
Let us know at the end of the summer. Also, like Geo said, I've seen some Kieffers with a red cast too. The more sun exposure the more color.