is it just me or?


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First turkey I've ever got on camera on this property and it seems strange colored to me, I dont know turkeys well at all but is this a normal color phase being that white on the back end?

Maybe a touch darker than our "normal" birds. It could just be the lighting making the bird look a bit darker.
Our state maps show us in the hybrid zone of Rio and Easterns. We have shot Rios before that looked almost white tipped.
Most of the turkeys I see are dark all around, just seemed this one was more white on the back. Cool to see them showing up either way.
I lost all of my hunting ground a couple years ago when farm land got sold off so I just started last fall in this location on our farm with lil hope but I've seen a few does, couple turkeys and a small buck last fall, so fingers crossed stuff keeps showing up.
In Nebraska one can get almost any of the subspecies of turkeys or at least their coloration. They are basically all hybrids except in the nw part of the state. I have shot merriam, eastern, and rio looking turkeys in eastern NE and am sure none of them were that specifically.
Yep, the Pine Ridge is a stronghold for Merriams, but the hybrids are slowly taking over.