Introducing Mrs. Weekender21!!!


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adawnsevolution (Mrs. Weekender21) took the Penn State forestry management, orchard management and rural pond management courses this week. Now she’s reading A Sand County Almanac....I’ve created a monster.

Hopefully she’ll make an appearance once the mods approve her.

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Awesome. Welcome aboard. I was just thinking we need more female opinion on this forum. She don't need no mods approval, I give it to her. And I have some tree tubes to buy from when she's ready. :rolleyes:
Hello! I spend my days taking care of little humans and day dreaming of a time hopefully not far away that we can have more open space to roam and grow our own food. I look forward to planting trees on our property that will one day be shade for our grandkids’ picnics.

Welcome to the group!!