Ideal pole barn?


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Im working on designing a new shed

I already have a good work area and plenty of shelves

In this new pole barn I’d like to design a deer skinning and processing area and maybe walk in cooler.

Curious is anyone has an awesome skinning area in a pole barn or something else I should consider designing into a new pole barn?

I also have a septic and well that isn’t being used. I’m going to design the building in the event I want to convert it into living space down the road
When my BIL built his shed he said he wasn't allowed to have a drain with out septic.

Different county, different town maybe your regulations would be different
I’m lucky. The lady I bought the farm planned to build a dog kennel at the location I’m building my pole barn. I have a well and septic already in place
Do some calculations to figure out how big you want it. Then double it. Make sure you include plenty of height when designing so you can get a carcass good and high off the ground.
I pulled trigger finally on a barn—-had always planned on a 40x60–I was persuaded by many here to go larger. I went 40x80 with with a 10’ lean-to. It has 3 10x10 doors, and one 13x16. Figured I was only doing it once in my life so decided to do it right. I plan on reserving 1/3 to eventually put in a shop with woodstove heat.