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Ran into this guy on the backside of a property that I mow.. Has a bunch of berries growing, also appears to have some CAR.

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Unless I'm missing something, that looks just like the wild black cherries that grow around here.

That looks like a shady place, which will make the leaves grow a little larger than normal.
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Thanks Native, I guess I just havnt noticed them mowing this place for years. I don't see many of these in my area. Only bush honeysuckle......

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Yep, it's Black Cherry. Pretty nice habitat/wildlife tree. It's a very dependable mast producer. I can't ever remember a cherry failure and deer love them. I've sat in tree stands (trapped) well after dark because I could hear the "crunch, crunch" of deer eating the cherries directly below me. I couldn't see the hand in front of my face, and I couldn't hear deer walking in the damp leaves, but I knew there were deer under me because I could hear the popping, and crunching of the tiny cherry pits. I've had the same thing happen with Dogwood fruits, too.
Coons love them, too. Coon poop is often loaded with cherry pits.
Cherry is a great tree for hinge cutting, firewood, and lumber. Veneer grade trees fetch a nice price.
Black Cherry is a great tree.